Want to Get Rid of Your Sedan, Truck or SUV?

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In today’s hyper-digital world, it seems as if all anyone has to do is put up an ad on social media or a classified site to make some cash. Unfortunately, when everyone else is doing that too, the market becomes stagnant. That’s why we created a better system.

Sell Your Car Quickly for the Best Price

Have Your Info Ready

Before you call, make sure you know details about your car such as model, make, and odometer reading.

Give 'Em a Call

Below you’ll find three dealerships chosen from our specialized network that are interested in purchasing vehicles in your area.

Make an Appointment

Once your vehicle passes the dealer’s inspection, you can turn in those old car keys for real money in your bank account.

Why Should You Sell to the Dealer?

Save Time

It can take months to sell a car privately: people call but never show up, many need payment plans, and a lot of folks change their mind. Who has that kind of time and patience?


As a business, dealers have the money to pay you for your vehicle within a matter of days. You won’t have to wait to get that much-deserved cash for your car.

In the Neighborhood

Our algorithm ensures that all dealers listed are located near you to make this process all the more convenient and quick.

Trade-in Options

Thinking about another vehicle? Many dealers are happy to accept one car as a down payment for another. Just ask your sales rep!

Dealers to Check Out Now!

Take Advantage of this Opportunity Today!

If you want to sell your auto, don't wait another moment.

The longer you wait, the more maintenance and service your vehicle will need. Cars also depreciate as the months go by, so if you’ve made up your mind to sell, it’s time to go for it.

  • Clear out space in your driveway sooner rather than later
  • Call any dealership listed above, and you’ll sell in no time
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